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 project publications

Our project outputs include media articles, journal articles, and community resources

what access to puberty blockers means for trans young people and their whAnau

The Ministry of Health has delayed the release of its evidence brief on the safety, reversibility and mental health and wellbeing outcomes for puberty blockers. While we wait, Julia de Bres speaks to those with firsthand experience.

working with parents of transgender young people: practical tips for counsellors

This resource covers a range of issues that parents may present with in a counselling context in relation to their experience of parenting a trans child. The aims are to help counsellors understand parents' reactions to a child coming out as transgender; gain insight into possible conflicts between parents over their child's gender; approach parents’ difficulties dealing with wider family members and in institutional settings, and understand the impact on parents of broader social messaging about gender diversity.


intersectional perspectives of parents of transgender children in aotearoa (new zealand)

This article explores the intersectional perspectives of parents of transgender children in Aotearoa. To date, research on parent experiences in this area has largely focused on white North American middle-class cisgender women. This article extends the research by taking an intersectional approach and examining the perspectives of people from different genders, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds.

storm clouds and rainbows: visual metaphors of parents of transgender children in aotearoa new zealand

This journal article explores the discourses parents adopt to support their transgender children in Aotearoa (New Zealand). It is based on interviews with a diverse group of parents, who were asked to draw their experience of parenting a transgender child.

information sheets on puberty blockers

These three information sheets aim to help families and whānau better understand how puberty blockers are used in the care of transgender young people in Aotearoa. The information sheets focus on the current scientific evidence about puberty blockers, family experiences of puberty blockers, and clinical experiences of their use with transgender youth.

give trans kids a sporting chance

This media article highlights transgender kids' experiences in sports.

the battle for gender-inclusive language in healthcare

This media article discusses the linguistic difficulties for trans people navigating healthcare in Aotearoa.

how it really feels to raise a transgender child

This media article introduces the key findings of the pilot research we did with parents of transgender children.

what it's really like to raise a transgender child

This media article is the researcher's personal account of what motivated her to ask parents about supporting their trans kids.

what (not) to say when your kid comes out to you

This media article gives some nuanced advice on what to say (and what not to say) when your kid comes out to you.

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how grandparents can best support transgender kids

This media article discusses the supportive roles grandparents can take on to support transgender kids.

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research on parents of gender diverse children: from pathologization to affirmation

This journal article is a critical review of research to date on the experiences of parents of gender-diverse children, tracing a development from pathologizing to affirming approaches to research with parents.

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