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Are you looking for up-to-date and reliable information about puberty blockers?


There is a lot of public discussion about puberty blockers at the moment, and it can be hard for families and whānau to find the information they need in an accessible form. 


To address this gap, this is a series of three information sheets about puberty blockers, compiled in Aotearoa New Zealand (August 2023) The info sheets were compiled by a researcher in trans health, with input from a clinician providing gender-affirming care to trans young people and community experts in transgender health and wellbeing. The sheets aim to help families and whānau better understand how puberty blockers are used in the care of transgender young people in Aotearoa.  

Below are the digital versions, followed by the print-friendly versions that may be more accessible for some readers:

information sheets on puberty blockers

print-friendly versions

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