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Below are some resources and organisations that can help you in your journey supporting transgender young people.

Be There

is a website and awareness campaign that aims to support the parents and whānau of trans, non-binary, takatāpui, queer, intersex, and rainbow young people to be more inclusive, affirming and safe.



provides a nationwide, free, and confidential support line (0800 OUTLINE - 0800 688 5463) and online chat service at between 6pm-9pm every evening, for people who want to speak to a trained volunteer from rainbow communities. OutLine also provides specialist counselling for rainbow people and their whānau and an Auckland-based trans and non-binary peer support service which can provide whānau support.

InsideOUT Kōaro

provides a range of services that support rainbow young people to have a sense of safety and belonging in their schools and communities. InsideOUT Kōaro specialises in supporting schools to be rainbow inclusive and can support students, family and whānau around any challenges you might be facing with schools, or help you choose a more inclusive school for your child.

NZ Parents and Guardians of Transgender and Gender Diverse Children

is a parent-led group that provides information, guidance, advice, and companionship to help parents and guardians who have transgender or gender-diverse children. They provide support through a secret Facebook group.


provides 1:1 peer support to queer, gender diverse, intersex and takatāpui youth and their whānau across Aotearoa, with peer support groups and inperson support available in Northland, Auckland, Taranaki, and Bay of Plenty. They can help with housing, support for parents and whānau, transitioning, accessing gender affirming care, coming out, information and resources.


Gender Minorities Aotearoa

is a nationwide transgender organisation. It is run by and for transgender people, including binary and non-binary, intersex, and irawhiti takatāpui. GMA supports transgender people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, and provides one-to-one peer support and information nationwide.

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